Community Rules: 

· Be Respectful – Respect all other players and members of staff and be considerate of there feelings and opinions 

· No Instigation – Examples of this include: 

1. Causing disturbances and drama in chat unnecessarily 

2. Intentionally annoying somebody 

· Friendliness -  We strive to be a friendly community so anyone attempting to disrupt that will be dealt with accordingly 

· Harmful Actions – Anyone building lag machines or generally trying to harm there server in any way will receive bans from staff

Chat Rules: 

· Harassment – Harassment in terms of racism, sexism and any other discrimination will not be tolerated  

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to this 

Harassment can include but is not limited to: threats, stalking, intimidation, bullying and sexual harassment. 

· Spamming – Do not spam in chat 

The following is considered spam: Repetitive characters and messages, excessive copy and pasting of messages. 

· Swearing – Although swearing is allowed in our server and chats you cannot swear excessively and you cannot swear towards other players or members of staff.  Even if you are swearing at somebody  or a friend as a joke if its just friendly banter keep it to PM’s and not server chat. 

· Languages – English only in chat 

You me speak other languages to friends or anyone in PM’s but pleased keep your messages to English in server chat. 

· Impersonation – Do not impersonate anybody on the server. This includes (staff and players) 

Do not change your Minecraft username or nickname within the server to impersonate any other players or members of staff. 

· Begging – No begging staff for roles TP’s or items 

You can ask staff for the above things but do not harass or beg for things.

Griefing and raiding rules: 

· No Griefing – If you do not have permission to alter something then don’t alter it. 

· No Raiding – Do not steal from any chests or players. Even if chests may appear abandoned don’t steal it. 

· Claiming Stuff - Do not claim somebody else base or area 

If you did not build something do not claim it as this is a form of stealing 

· Abandoned Areas – Abandoned areas and buildings are off limits for claims or edits unless you are given permission to claim or edit something by staff or the owner of the build. 

· Build Radius – Do not claim and area or build in area within 200m of another player. Claim disputes between players are normally settles by who was there first so make sure to leave indicators of you being in that area e.g. signs

Chat topics: 

· Religion – Mentions of religion are fine but negative comments about it are not allowed. On the other hand, the same is true for preaching, although we respect your beliefs, we do not want our server to be a place where these beliefs are spread, we do not want doctrinarian to occur. 

· Politics – Political topics such as Brexit and others are allowed to be discussed as long as these debates are kept civil. We will also not tolerate rude remarks about politics. 

· Historical Tragedies – Mentions of Hitler, the Holocaust or any genocides will result in swift staff action taken against you. 

· Sex and Sexual Innuendos -  In our server we wish to keep things appropriate. This because there are younger players on the server. 

· Depression and Suicide – Our staff and server community are here to listen and support you but please ask for somebody to PM about these issues. 

The reason for this is because these topics in the main chat can often be triggers for people that suffer with depression. 

· Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia and Anti-Semitism are all inappropriate topics that will result in swift staff action 

Hacking and Cheating Rules:

· Duping – Duping of any kind is not allowed 

· Allowed Mods – These include Optifine, Mini Map mods and most inventory sorting mods 

· Banned Mods – Xray, Fly (unless you are God rank), Jesus, Speed, Kill Aura, Auto Clickers (except AFK fishing farming), Schematica, Litematica

Redstone Rules: 

· Clocks – No constant or fast ticking clocks, no observer clocks and no flashing lights. 

This is because these can put stress and lag on the server. 

· Farms – All farms are allowed in the server from normal to mob farms. However, when building these farms be mindful of how big it is and make sure its aligned with the Clock rules.

Scamming Rules: 

· Scamming – Scamming players on trades or any other agreements is not allowed. 

For protection in trades ,make sure you hold up your end of the bargain and the trades are done in PM’s in the server in order we can verify the trade and settle it for both parties.

Advertising Rules: 

· Advertising – Do not advertise the IP or name of other servers on any of our services. 

This includes in server chat, with signs in game on our discord and all other services. 

· Poaching – Do not steal players or staff. 

Do not message players or Staff to join yours or any other server. This is  considered to be poaching and can result in staff action taken against you.  

· YouTube and Twitch – You may advertise your YouTube and Twitch as long as: 

1. You are not playing on another Minecraft server as you advertise yourself. So if you choose to advertise yourself make your playing on our server for at least the next 30 mins on stream.  

2. Your content is appropriate and non discriminatory  

3. You do not spam advertise yourself in chats.