Patch Notes

1.1 Patch Notes:

With the release of the 1.2 patch we are launching 4 minigames. To access these minigames
and to preview them simply type /warp minigames and you will be teleported to the minigames
hub. In this area you can preview all 4 minigames and join them. In this patch the 4 minigames
being launched are as follows:
TNT Run – This game is accessible with the command /tr join which brings up the GUI where
you can see current games going on and click to join games. TNT Run is a game where when
running the blocks behind you fall and break. To win the game simply be last man standing.
There are multiple levels that you will drop down onto if you fall. Note you cannot join a game
halfway through and must wait for the ongoing game to finish.
Parkour – This minigame is joinable by right clicking the sign in the minigames hub. This will
consequently teleport you to the Parkour hub. When arriving here you will see three unique
Parkour courses all with varying difficulties and designs. Note you can die in parkour so make
sure to have an empty inventory and no armour equipped when attempting a course. At the end
of each level there are signs that you can click to either go back to the Parkour hub or start of
previous level.
Paintball – This game is accessible by right clicking the sign in the minigames hub. This will
teleport you to the paintball arena where you will pick teams and the game will begin shortly
after. Note similarly to TNT Run you cannot join a game whilst it is in progress and will have to
wait for the current game to finish before joining. Paintball is a game between 2 teams in which
each player is a 1 hit to each paintball (snowballs). There are various powerups and abilities you
can buy throughout the game with kill coins.
Roulette – This minigame is joinable by right clicking the sign in the minigames hub. This will
then teleport you to the roulette room where you can partake in the game. Note this game
requires a member of staff to operate it so if no member of staff is there message a staff
member and they will come run the game for you. This game runs similarly to a normal roulette
wheel in which the minecart goes around the track and stops randomly on a block. If you bet on
that particular block you win.
Kits are finally out with the 1.2 patch. To claim a kit simply type /kit or /kits and the kits GUI
menu will open up. You can then preview all available kits and claim the kits you have unlocked.
Note kits can only be claimed once per day. You will only have access to the kits that you are
the rank of not all the kits before as well. So for example Member+ Rank only has access to
Member+ Kit not Member Kit as well.

1.0 Patch Notes:
Season 1 Begins:

Seasons will launch on the 1st of each month and will last for the entire month. Season 1 is launching today 1st July and ends 31st July. Each season introduces new items that will only be available to buy in that season. Seasons also change the theme of the server and spawn. Each season will also have specific mini games and events throughout. These events will take place every Saturday at 5 PM BST and will give players opportunities to earn items and in game currency. Season 1 theme is nether hence the nether theme in spawn.
New Items:
1) Season 1 Limited Edition collectable - Along with the addition of the BETA collectable (available till July 7th) there is a Limited Edition collectable only available to buy in Season 1 (between 1st July to 31st July). This costs $1.99 and is available in our online shop, type /buy and click items to check this out.
2) Leather Jeans - Mending, Protection VIII, Thorns V, Unbreaking X, this costs $4.99 and is only available for Season 1.
Bug Fixes:
1) Kits are now available for all ranks that you have including both earn’t and paid ranks. Kits are claimable every day and you can claim kits for every rank you have. Paid ranks will be given compensation for lack of kits for first three days of BETA.
2) Voting now automatically gives you ranks once you hit the vote points required for that rank.
New Features:
1) Crates are now available - Crates can now be redeemed in spawn. There are different types of crates available with various different prizes allocated to each crate. To preview a specific crate and see what you can get from it and the chances of getting each item simply left click the crate. To open a crate simply right click it. Crates will only open with there specific crate key. They will not open unless you have the specific crate key in your inventory.